Session 2: Writing is essential.

Karthi Easwaramoorthy at Vellalar College

Session 1 is all about why writing is important and the thoughts of should I
continue writing? Yes, we must often write and practice what comes to us. Keep on writing will definitely develop our writing skills and the way of pen downing our emotions and shaping it will make us go one step higher in the path of interconnecting and portraying the ideas in a better way.

We have seen some of the personal experiences of Mr. Karthi Easwaramoorthy, of his start up company in 2007 and its growth which keeps us motivated and also shared his experiences of being in business class and watched fight blasting scene in one of the Hollywood movies from 3k feet away in the flight. It also tells us about the minimum damage that an individual could face is death. The comparison will lead us towards failure and also seen how strong believer he is in his thought process. Job opportunities also provide various writing job with maximum eligibility of communication skills.

The improvement of readability is a major thing while writing an article. The content must be short and simple in words which looks pretty beautiful. Short sentences also grab the understanding easily and its better to avoid too many commas. Paragraphs and heading are also more important in the article. We can use times new roman and aerial font to be more friendly and adding visuals like art, graphs, gifts and video also provides attention to the readers.

It is best way to use 80/20 rule, where 80% can be of active voice and minimum of passive voice, it is better to avoid passive sentences in an article. We can use Grammarly and spell checker to rectify our mistakes in grammar and spelling in the article. Stick to the common words while writing because it makes any type of the reader to understand quickly. If possible, we can convey our message shortly, so that it doesn’t get bored. No too much of objectives should be used, and try to keep any one of the strong emotions perfectly (power, pride, humor).

The blog format should start from the key words (the main messages that the article contains), and we have title (which is 55 characters with the proper keyword, so that your article will be eye catchy to the readers). Thirdly, we have description with 150 characters (gist or the starting of the article which will be displayed bellow the title). We have seen the example of Polo t-shirt from the google. The article content should contain 5 paragraphs with each 200 words. We must also choose the right header for each paragraph and the selected keyword which is written in the top to identify must be inserted in the right places of the article.

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