What is Chat GPT, and its advantages and disadvantages?


                              What is Chat GPT, and its advantages and disadvantages? First, most people aren’t aware of Chat GPT itself. Let’s see what is Chat GPT. Chat GPT is none other than a chatbot which is released in the November of 2022 by the department of artificial intelligence (AI). By introducing this research company Open AI has created a storm on the internet. In the beginning stages of its existence, Chat GPT has won the hearts of many users to imagine a host of use this cases for the model, which includes the usage of Chat GPT in order to negotiate parking tickets, make workout plans, and also to create bedtime stories for children.

                             Some experts in artificial intelligence believe that this Chat GPT could be able to revolutionize in both ways that chatbots will interact with both humans and AI more broadly. Chat GPT is simply an AI model which engages in conversational dialogue. The term “GPT” in Chat GPT refers to “Generative Pre-training Transformer”, which refers to the way in which Chat GPT processes language. Chat GPT is none other than a great example of a chatbot. It was trained with reinforcement learning from human feedback that is (RLHF). This RLHF involves the reward models and the use of human trainers in order to develop this Chat GPT. As a bot capable of challenging incorrect assumptions, answering follow-up questions, and admitting mistakes.

Tests done for GPT

                           Many tests were done by many people to know a lot more about this Chat GPT. Among that one asked Chat GPT to “write a journalistic-style article explaining what Chat GPT is”. To that bot answered that “it is designed in a way to generate text like a human on a given prompt or conversation”. And it also replied that it is trained on data that has a set of human conversations. And it also says that it can easily understand the context and intent and is able to have more natural conversations. Also, its applications include customer service bots, content creation for social media, and blogs, and translating text from one language to another one. It is built on a large language model which is (LLM). LLM is nothing but a type of deep neural network which uses billions of parameters and is trained with data full of petabytes.

Uses of GPT

                          There are many ways in which Chat GPT could be used potentially they are enhancing the search engine functionality, automating processes like disputing traffic tickets or bills, and creating code in other applications. It has also raised its concerns about the malicious actors who misused its potential. This is a powerful AI bot that engages with dialogue as if like a human based on a prompt. This is basically designed in order to respond in a natural, intuitive way and it has numerous potential uses within it. It achieved 1 million users within a very short span of time.

What makes Chat GPT stands out?

                             What makes Chat GPT stands out? This was a big question to many of us out there. Chat GPT stands out from others because of its ability to understand the context and its detail and to recognize the mistake when it was made. This makes Chat GPT stand out from its rivals from others. Nothing can be perfect and even this Chat GPT has also had some imperfections in it. That is Chat GPT writes coherently but sometimes it writes incorrect statements. That is it makes assumptions about the ambiguous queries.

In its beginning, it was used for creating AI written papers and assignments by students. Misuse of Chat GPT among students grew larger. And computer science student at Princeton University has come up with a solution to this. That is he created an app that is designed in a way that identifies and exposes the writing created by the bot that is Chat GPT. 

Chat GPT

                            The model Chat GPT was created by Open AI, which was co-founded by Elon Musk. This Chat GPT has also planned to launch its professional version as Chat GPT Professional in the year 2023. It has also been used for business purposes. Augmented intelligence tool is used for a wide variety of businesses. It automates the content creation for social media platform posts, website articles, and product descriptions. And building customer-facing conversational chatbots which are going off the script. The feedback is gathered from multiple channels which will be summarized and categorized. This also translates business reports and marketing deliverables from one language to another. It works in multiple ways which helps people of all sectors.


                   Thus, Chat GPT’s advantages and disadvantages.