Vajro Mobile App for Shopify

vajro mobile app for shopify

Every business owner can relate to this challenge where you get the website easily and stuck with hybrid mobile application to perform the same. Usually, it takes much time to develop and finally launch it. Do not worry Vajro platform provides you the quickest solution to get your shopify store to mobile app in just minutes which is very easy and friendly. Not just the basic web application but a native IOS and Android app with three different plans according to the customer needs. The idea of creating mobile app just got easier with the features of Vajro platform.

The vajro dashboard has the option of customization of the app, push notification, themes, other shopify integration you want ot have on the mobile app. The Vajro have 7 to 8 themes in the dashboard and you can select the right theme to customize based on your service or product. It only takes basic knowledge about the technicalities and there is no minimum coding experience required to build the Hybrid app in vajro platform. With the help of Vajro support you can be able to create the application in just 2 to 3 hours of time. It is quick and easy to do it, and vajro support never fails to deliver your queries on time. 

Vajro provides three plans where you can select the package according to your needs and budget and you can upgrade or downgrade the plans whenever you change the mind. The Vajro plans are listed as follows:

StartupIdeal for New Business$99/m$89/m paid annually

  • Native iOS and Android App
  • 30 Push notifications
  • Native Checkout
  • App Install widget
  • Customer analytics
  • Product review integrations
  • Multiple Themes

Growth Ideal for Growing Business $199/m $179/m paid annually

  • Live Video*
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Live Instagram Feed
  • Google and Facebook Ad Integration
  • Product Recommendation
  • Apple pay integration
  • Advanced themes

Power Premium Ideal for Scaling business$399/m $299/m paid annually

  • Multi currency and language
  • Automated Push Notifications
  • Abandoned Cart Notification
  • Advanced analytics
  • AI product recommendations
  • Premium integrations
  • Priority support

If you are planning for testing the demo, you have the good offer to create the app in the trail period that Vajro offers. Vajro offers 2 months trail period to test and see how the app works. Two months is a good time to do know the visual feel of the apps. If you change the mind to discontinue, then you have the option to chose other platform and Vajro do not charge any penny for the trial period. If you are planning for any Rewards and Loyalty program then you must choose the Power Premium plan to avail the feasibility of the integration. 

Once you are completed with the native app then you should upload in the play store and IOs stores with the basic charges. Google play store charges 25$ to upload your app in their platform and it is for lifetime, there will be no extra charges. But when it comes to IOS the apple store charges 99$ every year. This will be done through developer account; the charges will be renewed every year from the date you upload your native mobile App.

Supportive Third-Party Plugins for Vajro Mobile App

We have learnt how to integrate the Shopify store to Vajro mobile app and there is a second phase where every Shopify store owner should know. The second phase includes supportive plugins for Vajro mobile app because vajro platform doesn’t support every single third-party plugin present in Shopify. Every store owner of Shopify should know that some of the plugins will not work in Vajro Mobile app and I’ll include some of the major apps which will not support in the Vajro. Let us get into the third-party apps that you must have when you are planning for Mobile application with Vajro.

Size Fit

Size fit is the essential third-party app that you require on your e-commerce store to give your customer the exact measurements of the products. This application will help your business to control over the returns for the size issues. The customers will be satisfied after you put the exact metric using size fit plugin and it is easy to integrate with both shopify and Vajro. You can show the unlimited category of sizes when you upgrade the plan to size fit pro. There will be no overlapping issue with Size fit plugin and it is user friendly.

We all know that online business stands on the customer reviews and to manage customer rating and reviews in the Shopify platform is so easy. You just have to go with third-party plugin, where you can able to control the customer ratings and reviews. One can delete the negative feedbacks where customers are willingly writing reviews like that. The platform is also easy and friendly to integrate with the Vajro platform, whichever rating and reviews posted on Shopify store it’ll be reflected immediately in the mobile application also.

When the business grows in large scale and you might think of running a loyalty program and attract customers. You have the two option to do it, either you can run the program just on the website or you should install third party plugin if you want to run in both website and mobile application. provides you with the varieties of program option but with the limited option to explore. is the only good third-party plugin where it’ll support Vajro platform. Make sure you use the right payment gateway which will automatically sync the order status. Otherwise, it’ll be a real challenge when you run the program and returns happen. If there is no auto-sync option with the payment gateway partner the achieved credits will be left with customer and he can use that points in future. So, one must be very careful while choosing the payment gateway and PayPal is the best option to go with when you are in the plan of Loyalty programs.

Apart from the above necessary third-party plugins, Vajro also supports Google analytics where you can get to know the customer interest and application performance. Google Analytics is an integral part of the website and application for the remarketing purposes and one must know how to analyse the report.

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