Twenty years of search engine optimization

Twenty years of search engine optimization

Twenty years of search engine optimization is a great achievement. According to the chronicle of an entrepreneur, it falls on top of the table. What is SEO? How has SEO traveled for twenty years? What is the evolution of SEO? Absolutely, many questions may arise for the person who is in need to learning what is SEO. We can understand that SEO is one of the most popular search engines.

SEO founder name denotes as pride in technology, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin. It all started with the first website in 1991. Many high-personality people like Bob Heyman helped with the growth of Search engine optimization. Though its little traffic technically. SEO was successful at the end of the invention. When compares to the success of Yahoo and other SEO. Google plays a major role in optimization.

SEO vs SE marketing

There is always a difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing. There are days when the name of SEO is known as,

1. Search engine ranking

2. Search engine registration

3. Search engine submission

4. Search engine placement

5. Search engine positioning

6. Website upgrading and promotion

In a certain view, many suggested various peculiar names to keep for SEO. In 2001, one essential industry writer suggested search engine marketing as an achiever to search engine optimization. There are many times that the brand got a replacement. Twenty years of search engine optimization is currently at its triumph. The change is inevitable, likewise, the name was constantly changing. At last, SEO satisfied many, but few remained in the web presence.

The timeline

The timeline of the search engine chronicle is something that changed the way of approach. To conduct research, do product shopping, connect with fellows, and so on. Beyond every online destination, it is not identifying whether it is a blog, website, or social network. As we know search engine optimization had divided into two categories, they are a directional guide and connecting force.

Twenty years of search engine optimization is one of the biggest achievements that technology history has recorded.
The dawn of search engine optimization is known as the west era. Because the search engine optimization landscape was heavily competitive. Search engines like yahoo, excite, Info seeks, Lycos, Ask Jeeves, Alta Vista, and so on. In the early stage, it instructs that the only way to perform any aisle of the search engine was through on-page activities.

The factors are,
1. Enough text was provided
2. Cross-checking the content was draft and similar
3. Witnessing the outbound links and internal links
4. Making sure that HTML tags were correct and accurate.

Twenty years of SEO

When we think about ranking well in this period the tips and tricks were pretty much a cup of cake. It is like repeating the keywords enough times throughout the pages of the web. Twenty years of search engine optimization was the struggle from 1991. In 1994, yahoo creates with the help of students from Stanford University, Jerry Wang and David Filo. It was inhabitant as an internet bookmark. It was the compilation of lists and sites which is interesting. In 1996, a new search engine was attain based on internal links with relevance and similarity. In 1997, Danny Sullivan launches the search engine watch which dedicates to the search industry. DMOZ was the open directory project with comes in 1998. This became an after-page for SEO practitioners to grab their page list.

In 1999, the first ever search engine strategies and marketing took place. The google revolution in 2000 organic results instead of Inktomi. Yahoo pulled off the worst strategy check in its life history. Later as the years passes in 2020 YouTube, google analytics, and webmaster tools generates sharing networks that were popular in that era the world.