Thinking of hosting a training for your team at your college or corporate or social or business gathering? Think your team would get benefitted by a training program at DigitalVillage.In? Do you strongly believe that DigitalVillager can change someone’s life at your team? Check out the below questions to get a better understanding of how our training program works under education program, and see if DigitalVillage.In is a good match for your upcoming training event.

We might not take up  on every opportunity that comes our way, but we’ll try our best to find the perfect DigitalVillager for your training program. So contact us, and we’ll see how we can find a suitable trainer and get back to you quickly. Trust us, we are very prompt in replying! 


If I contact you for a trainer, am I guaranteed to have a DigitalVillager train at our event?

DigitalVillagers love accepting on training engagements, but unfortunately, there aren’t enough trainers to accept every training event so we won’t be able to guarantee a trainer for your event. But we try our best to accommodate for your event before saying no.

What would make my training request a good fit for DigitalVillage?

We decide that training event is a good fit if the opportunity is worth for your audience to invest the time. For example, if an event is for kids or very casual social gathering to have fun and relax, our training might not be suitable. This is for the serious people who has desire to uplift their personal and professional life. Typically, training events with maximum of 50 attendees will be effective. We also evaluate and consider the type, content of your event and the audience profile before accepting to deliver a training. The audience profiles is the key factor to decide whether our DigitalVillagers are the right fit for your upcoming event. 

Do I have to pay for a trainer?

Of course Yes! It is a paid program. If your organisation pays or arranges for speaker travel or  lodging also on top of trainer’s fee if your budget permits, we greatly appreciate it. But do not require to invest any time before the event from your side. Training transforms life. We strongly feel that any training is a worth an invest for anyone.

What is the duration of the training program?

It depends upon various factors. We have a standard training package for various topics starting from 1 day to 3 days. It is purely a customisable one based on your requirement, topic, what and how much you want to get trained from us.

What is the popular training offered by a DigitalVillager?

Very popular and flagship training product is under the topic “Don’t Think! Be a villager to become a highly effective person”. It has been delivered at more than 25+ venues so far among students, professionals and entrepreneurs. This revolves around how someone can become a highly effective person by knowing, learning and following the habits and traits of a villager. This training transformed many employees, executives and entrepreneurs in their personal and professional life.

What is covered under DigitalMarketing package?

Our trainers are experts on any topic in Digital marketing, content marketing, social media and marketing, blogging, content creation, content repurposing, digital asset building, content management system(CRM),  analytics, email marketing,  SEO,  sales technology, sales automation tools, customer relationship management(CRM), scaling sales and much more like entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence etc.

What is covered under the topic Artificial Inteligence topic?

Machine learning, deep learning and big data topics are covered under the umbrella of artificial inteligence. Based on your request, we can choose the topics and customise the program based on your audience profile.

Will DigitalVillager’s training be a sales pitch for your products and services?

Absolutely No! Our trainers would focus on best practices that your attendees can apply to their own personal life and professional life at your organisation, not On DigitalVillage.In services or products. People makes or breaks an organisation. Nothing else including competition. Our focus is to transform every individual who attended the training program by our highly qualified DigitalVillager.

Can I get an executive to train at my event?

Our executive team has very busy schedules. But based on the event, content type and audience profile, our executive team might accept to invest their time if it is a worth based considering your budget also. Let us figure out collectively.

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