The secret story and success of Amul

The secret story and success of Amul

The secret story and success of Amul is not a unique one or really a secret. It is not at all an unknown trick. The main reason for its success is it never compromised on the quality it was delivering. This company has always introduced something new to its brand at very reasonable prices. It increased the huge consumer base by providing direct access to high-quality products for the local customers. This company has become India’s No. 1 dairy brand. This is one of our country’s most popular dairy brands.

Broad minded

This brand is not at all self-centred. It worked for the betterment of the farmers and other co-employees. It contributed a lot to society. It never wholly concentrates on the business and profit margin but is concerned about the benefits of the workers. It also ensures that the profit the company earns is distributed well among the participants as well. This company focuses on a variety of products. Butter, milk, milk powder, cheese, chocolates, ice creams, etc. Even though it provides a variety of products at high quality, it always provides those at a very reasonable price.

It’s origin

This term, AMUL, was derived from the Sanskrit word Amulya, meaning precious or priceless. In other words, it can also be taken as an abbreviation for Anand Milk Union Ltd. The growth of this brand also improved the socio-economic conditions of rural areas and mainly focused on the farmers. Actually, this brand was known as Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union. It was actually established to improve the pitiable situation of the farmers, who suffered a lot from the local businessmen by offering low wages to the hardworking farmers.

It all started before 65 years old. It was created by a few farmers who decided to be free from the restrictive wages and from the greedy intermediators. The company’s growth has made it the nation’s largest brand. It is to be noted that it is the world’s largest brand that improved the lives of the countless poor families of farmers and also put our country on a high pedestal.

This happened when the farmers were exploited and suffered a lot. As Sardar Valla Bhai Patel counselled the farmers to be independent and guided them to work for themselves. As a result, the farmers took the suggestion and established their own association. The fact that we do not know is that Amul started by generating 247 liters of milk. But now, it has grown into an organization that produces 5 million liters of milk each day. It really sounds mind-blowing.

Finally achieved

Today, Amul has become the world’s 8th largest milk processor. Now, we are in the end of The secret story and success of Amul. Hope this might have given you a quick outlook of the success of Amul.