The marketing strategy of Raymond

The marketing strategy of Raymond

The marketing strategy of Raymond is one of the most famous fabric retailers and fashion-based out of India which was set up in 1925 by AJ Raymond. The chairman of Raymond Mr. Gautam Singhania is the owner of most of the Raymond products. What company is Raymond? What is the brand famous for? How did they build their history? Yeah! The answer to these questions is here. Raymond manufactures woolen fabrics and suiting fabrics. There are a few brands that come under Raymond such as Raymond Premium Apparel, Park Avenue, Parx, and Colour plus. Raymond retails its brand through a huge and vast network of 700 stores in over 200 cities spread all across India and across the whole world. Raymond is one of the largest and most trustable, apparel and highly respected manufacturers. We could able to understand its marketing strategy of Raymond through its digital presence, SWOT analysis, and also about some marketing campaigns.

There is also a marketing mix strategy that looks into the 4Ps of marketing. Raymond has been equipped with Trust, Quality, and Excellence. It is a group that diversified with business needs and wants in the Textile and Apparel sectors. In national and international markets Raymond has its presence across various segments such as Realty Engineering, prophylactics, etc. Raymond is known for its best quality in its delivery to its beloved and trustable customers for the past decades. The marketing strategy of Raymond has its marketing mix in 4Ps such as product, price, place, and promotion. Raymond has strong fabric-to-fabric manufacturing capabilities and it is also said to be the textile powerhouse with state of art modern infrastructure. The 4Ps can be controlled by a company to inspire or influence customers to shop or purchase the products. Raymond has a wide variety of products across the world that comes under the multi-products method to provoke customer to buy and enjoy them.

When we talk about the product, Raymond operates a multi-product market that has a diverse product portfolio that includes Readymade garments, denim wear, designer wear, furnishing, corporate wear, woolen outerwear, personal care, cosmetics, toiletries, etc., it always continues to expand the product line by adding up a variety of new products under its standard. The marketing strategy of Raymond helps the company identify customers of different ages and workgroups. The price Raymond treats high and middle-class or urban communities as targeted customers. The customers who wish to make their brand in style and fashion offer a fashionable way to customize the clothes in premium. Raymond is a sign of success so they adopted a premium pricing policy, especially for their products. People who look for quality instead of quantity can easily afford its prices in the consumer market. The place has also spread its presence in international and domestic markets with similar success.

Promotion is gained based on several campaigns with the help of all advertising methods. Raymond has used social media to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It also has its SWOT analysis where its strength is its high product quality, its weakness is over depending on the Indian market, opportunities are increasing disposable income and their threats are intense competition. Its marketing strategy of Raymond is dynamic and its empathy is key. The more Raymond’s customers can relate to the more they will maintain brand loyalty. Their digital presence is very essential to uplift the brand and company’s products. Their campaigns on the social media platform are their new collections, advertisements, festive and special day posts, new portfolios, and panel discussions. As we all know the world is moving rapidly and gaining a more powerful digital presence that will help Raymond company.