Simple checklist to create an Email Newsletter in the right way for beginners

Are you stepping into the business for the first time and looking for the tips to create an email newsletter in the right way? If yes, then you have come in the right place. An email newsletter is the best way to stay in touch with your users, it helps in increasing conversion. You can easily create the best newsletter with a bit of planning and the right tools. If done right, Email campaigns has a positive impact in the business. Even with the huge range of advertising options available and other social medias, but email campaigns are still the best way to generate revenues. If you don’t have email newsletter, you are missing the biggest opportunity to do well in the business. You shouldn’t miss this one. It might be quite difficult and little confusing to start with. Don’t worry! We are here to help you out. In this article you will find a step by step process to create a newsletter in a right way. Just follow these tips and create a good newsletter.

What is an Email Newsletter?

In simple words, an Email newsletter is a form of online communication that allows you to send the updates of your product, offers, news, etc… In order to receive the updates of your brand, people have to subscribe to your newsletter. Email newsletter also aids in increasing traffic to your website.

Steps to create an Email Newsletter in a Right way:

Step 1 – Starting an Email Newsletter:

Finding a nice email service provider is the most important thing to do. The email service provider will help you to collect email addresses and send mass email to the people. Choose an email service provider that offers a beginner friendly email marketing platform with just simple drag and drop tools to get you started easily.

Just signup to their page where you have to provide information to create an account. After this they will guide you to create an email newsletter. Just follow the steps provided by them and you’re all set to start your newsletter.

Step 2 – Creating an Email List:

An email list is the list of your subscribers. For better understanding, you can take the example of contact book containing email addresses of all the users who have signed up for your newsletter. To organize your contacts, you should have to create an email list.

For creating an email list, you should add come basic list of subscribers. You can even give your email ID to test whether it is getting subscribed or not.

Step 3 – Start with the most important thing: Your Data

Now that you know HOW you are going to send the newsletter, it’s time for you to find WHO you are going to send the newsletter. You should have the databases of the new individuals that you have to communicate with them via email.

It is very necessary to have as much as good databases possible to send the most relevant newsletters in order to generate revenue. Consolidate all your email addresses in one clean, well-organized database before you send newsletters to your users.

Always ensure that you have properly segmented list of newsletter that will help you to find your current customers, old customers, etc… segmenting your email lists according to gender, demographics, age can help you to target your customers and derive the result as much as possible.

Step 4 – Schedule your newsletter and create content plan:

After segmenting your customers and knowing to whom to contact, you should focus on planning your newsletter to be sent. This clearly means that:

  • Know what content to be posted in your email newsletters.
  • Know who you are going to send to
  • Figure out the time when you are going to send.

Follow this schedule regularly because if you send newsletter on every Thursday, then your customer will prepare their mind that they are going to receive an email from them on that particular day and will be expecting your newsletter to be popped up on that day.

Step 5 – Choose or design your newsletter template:

It is important to create your newsletter template. Once you have the list of the subscribers to send the content to, you should ensure that your newsletter doesn’t look boring. Pick a nice newsletter which matches according to your brand. Template attracts the user to read the content and makes all your email marketing worthy.

If you are unaware of designing the template then, you can even hire a designer to set-up your newsletter template.

Step 6 – Include your sign-up forms on your website:

Including your sign-up forms in your website is the best things to increase the number of subscriber list. If you have sign-up forms on your website, people can sign-up to the forms and get the updates of your products. You should also consider having a pop-up box to certain page of your website to increase the list of the newsletter subscribers.

Whenever you add your sign-up forms on your website, make sure not to be boring or lame by just asking them to subscribe to their newsletter to get updates on products, instead bribe them by giving benefits to subscribe to their newsletter. For instance, discount of 10% on any products you choose if you subscribe the newsletter.

Step 7 – Test your email newsletters carefully:

Finally, after doing all these, it’s time to send the newsletters to all your beloved customers, but it is very important to test whether it is perfect just as the way you want them to be. There are generally three steps to be tested before you send newsletter to the customers:

  • Ensure that your email newsletters are landing properly to a particular email.
  • Make sure your newsletter is getting displayed properly.
  • Split test your messages.

Step 8 – Measure your Success!

In most of the newsletter tools, you will be provided with the tools to check how is your newsletter performing. You can see the statistics of your newsletter. You can see the:

Email newsletters
  • Open rates
  • Click through rates (CTR)
  • Unsubscribe rates
  • Orders

We hope the tips mentioned above might help you in some ways while creating your newsletter and help you to increase the email subscribers. Now that you have known the steps to create a fantastic email newsletters, it’s time to create wonderful campaigns and set your email marketing on fire.