Search engine optimization and its 12 types

Search engine optimization and its 12 types

Search engine optimization and its 12 types are the most important sites for searching for information. What is SEO? What are its types? The answer to this question is simple. The term SEO always indicates improving visibility in google search results. It helps in generating site traffic naturally. There are entire of 12 types. This comes under types of SEO in digital marketing also. It holds descriptions and advantages also. We all wonder by seeing the twin of SEO is search engine marketing which is said to be SEM. What is SEM? It relates to and differentiates from SEO. The types are

Black-hat search engine optimization

Black-hat SEO is a type of SEO that exploits the weakness of algorithms in Google’s search. It aims also to rank higher in the results. Examples are, paid link-building strategies, spammy, keyword stuffing, cloaking, etc., this is used to grab search engine results. It provides the result instantly. But there is a chance of getting impacted negatively. It is advised to avoid such SEO.

White-hat SEO

Search engine optimization and its 12 types hold the next type, White-Hat SEO which comes under SEO practices. It is with the line of terms and conditions of the major search engines. That includes google also. It improves the ranking of search engines on the SERP while the integrity of the website regulates it. The practices that are followed strictly are,

  1. Usage of rich keyword
  2. Descriptive meta-tags
  3. Providing quality services and content to the website visitors
  4. Making navigation easy on the website.

Gray-hat search engine optimization

The next type is Gray-Hat SEO practice which is riskier when compared to White-Hat SEO. It seeks practices with neither white nor black – Hat SEO. It remains ill-defined when using Gray-hat material content that they publish in accordance. The next type of such type is On-Page SEO which is the processing of web pages’ title tags, HTML, internal links, code, URL, images, and many other on-page elements that improves the ranking and experience of the users. The factors include,

  1. Utilizing HTML tags
  2. Writing informative
  3. Engaging content
  4. Relevant message
  5. Checking the broken links
  6. Reducing the file size of images
  7. URL structuring for numerous pages.

On-page and Off-page SEO

Search engine optimization and its 12 types has also Off-page SEO that defines as anything that is done outside of the website. This helps the website rank higher. It gets good social media advertising. It also provides good reviews on online platforms from good clients.

The next type is technical SEO which is a primary goal of technical SEO to assist google bots. For example, in creating an extensive XML sitemap and building your site mobile-friendly with some tactics. Search engine optimization and its 12 types hold international SEO that organically improves the website’s traffic, which is from different areas and languages. This should use the right format for the dates and times which are based on the given in the list. The next type is local SEO, which is a strategy for local businesses. It helps in becoming more visible in local searches. It also gives hand to growing the business.

The next types are E-commerce SEO which is one of the best ways to get traffic by paid search. This helps to create an online store. The next type is, content SEO, which refers to creating unique content and graphics, and videos also come under this list. The next is mobile SEO which describes optimizing a site simultaneously. Last but not least, it is negative SEO which is an unethical type of SEO that is still in practice today. This put down the competitor’s search rankings so that it can overtake them.

These are all the types of SEO that should be known.