Part 2: Organic engagement ideas in Twitter

Cross channel posting:

Twitter itself is a great social media platform, we can cross post posts from other social medias in twitter. We can post photos in facebook, linkedin, instagram, etc. and tweet the same here. This is an effective way for promotions and giveaways.

Using Twitter polls:

We can increase engagement in Twitter by encouraging our audience to share their opinions, thoughts, and views. Using Twitter polls, we can ask timely questions to our audience relating to fashion and clothing and also engage them with the latest happenings. We can share the results with our audience and retweet the most interesting answers.

Using Strong Call to Actions:

Using words like please, help, follow and how to are focused more on the reader of the tweet rather than the sender.

Our followers are more likely to interact if they are the focus on the tweet and we’re clearly asking for an action.

Monitoring Trends:

It is best not to Spam hashtags and Tweet completely irrelevant messages.

Instead, monitoring the Trends will give us a clear idea on trending topics and hashtags. So, whenever contextual, we can use them to tweet something relevant. This will give us more exposure and give an opportunity to start some new meaningful conversations.

Using Twitter Moments:

Twitter Moments are collection of tweets about a specific topic or event. They comprise collection of  best tweets regarding a topic of choice. For example, Twitter’s Moments section includes “Today”, “News”, “Entertainment”, and “Fun.”

The catch here is we can also create our own section of Moments for our followers to view on our profile. We can organize our Twitter Moments into groups of tweets to help our audience and also share them industry news, fashion. etc. They also help in building brand image with audience members and other accounts. This gives clarity on where to find information, as everything will be organized.

Getting verified on Twitter:

We can apply to get our Twitter profile verified. Twitter mostly accept requests for account verification if accounts are related in fields like “music, acting, fashion, politics, journalism, media, sports, business, etc.” If Twitter accepts our application and verifies our profile, a badge with a blue checkmark appears next to our handle. This symbolizes an authentic account. It is like a symbol of acceptance and this can gain more followers, people tend to look out to or engage with more authentic and trusted accounts.

Keeping track of competitors’ Twitter accounts:

Twitter is a great way to keep an eye on our competitors’ marketing and posts. We can follow or simply search them to see what they’re posting. We can also check for details such as their engagement, their number of retweets, comments, and responses. This is an easy way to see some of their strategies, which they are implementing and it is useful to analyze if those strategies are working or not.

Running an ad campaign:

After implementing these Twitter organic ideas, it’s time we move on to ad campaigns.

Advertising on Twitter can help grow our audience, promote our products, drive traffic to our website, and more. We can choose to promote our account to gain new followers, and also promote individual tweets to boost engagement and campaign visibility.