Online business banking accounts for 2022

Online business banking accounts for 2022

Online business banking accounts for 2022 has various banks available for various purposes. In that way, here are some online business banking accounts for 2022.

BlueVine is for small businesses; Novo is for entrepreneurs and ecommerce; Lili is for those who own their own businesses; North One is for mobile banking; Axos Bank is for employees; and Mercury is for payment automation.


BlueVine is specially made for small businesses. Its business checking is one of the best on the market. This works with no monthly fees, no minimum balance or deposits. It’s an entrepreneurship friendly for small business owners. For the business owner who wants to protect the money and also who expects to increase the money, BlueVine is a great option.


Novo is especially built for entrepreneurs and e-commerce. It exists with a mobile app that lets you make payments, invoices, and also transfer funds. It also has the ability to scan cheques and manage banking tasks. A wide array of integrations are available. There are no hidden fees, and it takes only 10 minutes to get set up, because it’s a financial technology company that offers modern online banking.


Lili is also an online banking app that is very helpful for very small entrepreneurs. It is flexible, modern and free of hidden fees. Instead of depending on two or three apps, Lili can get it done all together. Like Nova, it does not have a deep set of integrations, but you can do a lot more within the app than many other business banking solutions. If you are a starter, Lili Basic may have all that you need with no fees or no minimum balance.


NorthOne is a modern business bank. The specialty of this is that a modern business runs 24/7 and it can’t wait for bank hours to solve any issues that arise. NorthOne is the perfect solution for this requirement. It takes less than 3 minutes to activate your account with no fee, and you can also cancel it anytime. Paperwork, trips, and everything can be done through NorthOne’s mobile app.

Axos Bank

Next comes Axos Bank, one of the great banking solutions. This is especially used for employees. It provides banking solutions to all of your employees with unlimited ATM fee and low interest rate for home and personal loans.


Last comes Mercury, one of the top choices for startups and smaller ecommerce options. It has partner banks, and through them, it provides FDIC-insured US bank accounts. With this, you can easily manage Shopify, Stripe, Amazon, and PayPal integrations. It’s a traditional bank with a modern front end designed especially for today’s companies.