Do you know what is Twitter moments?

Twitter Moments in detail

Twitter Moments feature is one of the most useful and thoughtful ones considering how it can grow any brand and it provides a way to tell stories through a variety of tweets.

Twitter Moments enable users to attach multiple tweets into stories. Moments were first designed to help Twitter users keep up with trending and world topics without having to follow people or watch trending topics.

Moments allow to curate stories on a range of topics, including News, Sports, and Entertainment, giving people a new and productive way to tell their stories.

Adding content and publishing:

There are a variety of ways by which we can create Moments.

  • We can choose from tweets we have liked (or favorited), our relevant tweets.
  • Pick tweets from specific accounts
  • Find tweets via a Twitter search
  • Adding tweets directly using the tweet link.

Twitter’s suggestion is to keep Moments around 10 tweets long. We can add a mix of photos, videos, and GIFs to keep our viewers interested.

Some of the best Moments will be eligible to appear in the Moments tabs within Twitter’s main navigation.


A tweetstorm is a series of tweets shared. Tweetstorms have become a way for users to share lengthy thoughts.

Tweetstorms can be shifted into Moments, allowing users to read a series of tweets in the right order, possibly increasing clicks and engagement created by sharing longer thoughts on Twitter.

Behind the scenes content is a great way to connect with our audience and share the human side of our business on social media. Moments could be a great way to tell a story behind the scenes at our company –giving followers an exclusive peek into life at our company and how we work.

Some of the content on twitter is popular because it’s shared at the right time and covers a trending topic. Moments helps in a way to help people know what is happening in the world around them.

Different types of Moments:

Commenting on a trending story

Industry happenings, emerging trends, and global events provide the perfect springboard to tell a bigger story.

Promote an inspirational storyline

For example, stories of people adopting pets from shelters could be woven into inspiring storylines as part of a Moment for a pet brand. We can add what causes our brand is involved.

Creating round-ups

 Entertain our audience with a round-up of memes or media stories. For example, we can put together the best “Fashion & clothing” memes and Tweets for a Moment.

Promoting company news

Big company news that especially generated a bit of buzz on Twitter can be the perfect content for a Moment. 

Conversations happening on Twitter

Another way to create memorable Moments is to use conversations that are happening organically on Twitter. Use trending topics, or following a hashtag to surface content to include and pinpoint areas of focus.

Recap an event

Events can provide a combination of commentary, images, and engagement we can amplify with Moments.

Internal feedback

We can feature Tweets from your team, partners about what it’s like to work at our company, or why they’re excited to be part of your brand.

Showcasing positive customer stories and feedback

A Moment can be a great way to round up our biggest fans and shine a spotlight on them.

Repeat our Tweets

Moments can let us repeat the content that we created in the past. For example, if we published something about nature that’s central to a conversation happening now, including it in a Moment can help put it back at center stage.

Twitter is built for finding, and Moments are a great way to help brands increase visibility and join the wider conversation. You can learn more about simple usage of twitter from our other article Twitter basics.