Is Instagram dying or growing?

Is Instagram dying or growing?



Is Instagram dying or growing? Before answering this question let’s see why people are thinking that Instagram is dying. Instagram users are facing lots of issues nowadays. As followers suddenly see a sudden decline in their followers and engagement. Instagram is nothing but a social media platform to share photos and videos. It is owned by an American named Meta Platforms. Meta is nothing but a company that owns applications like Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Meta is formerly named Facebook, Inc. and The Facebook, Inc. It is an American multinational technology which is in California. Meta was one of the world’s most valuable companies. But according to the reports of 2022, it is not one of the top twenty biggest companies in the United States.

Founder of Instagram

                      Instagram was an application created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger as mobile check-in app in San Francisco. The app was refocused again and photo sharing and other features have been updated. As the app looks similar to Foursquare. First, Foursquare API technology was used to provide named location tagging. Later, Instagram begins to test and switch the technology to use Facebook places. 

Instagram dying?

                      Instagram also allows its users to upload their photos and videos which can be edited with filters. It can also be organized by hashtags and geographical tagging. And the posts that are shared by users can be restricted. Either you can share that with approved followers or publicly. Users can find their friends, families, and other users by searching their usernames by tags and location as they can follow them to view their feeds. “Instagram dying” the phrase means that the application is lacking growth and engagement for a few portions of the platform. Lots of people are continuously facing a lack of engagement. That makes people think that Instagram is dying. 

People about Instagram dying

                        A survey was taken on the topic of Instagram dying, and people replied with different answers as the type of content creators in social media differs. They are “boring now”, “too saturated”, “too many ads”, “it feels like a time suck”, or “too hard to grow”. But this won’t be the reason why Instagram is dying. It’s completely a different one. Even though Instagram claims that it exists to connect people all around the world and bring people closer even in distance. What makes this application a trending one than other social media platforms? This was a question to many and the answer to this is so simple. Instagram has overtaken other apps because it brings the features that other apps lack. 

Why Instagram stands out from other apps

                       People always look up to new things and change. Because change is the only change that never changes. Instagram has taken that seriously and brought the features accordingly. It is to get more people and people also liked the new changes that were brought up. Many features were even updated like extending the reel’s time from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. And many new features like IGTV were introduced. Numerous filters and effects were brought so that users can apply them to their images. Full-screen advertisements in the form of reels were introduced. This was distinguished from other content by the tag that is “sponsored” under the account name. 

Features of Instagram

                    Instagram direct is one of the prominent features of Instagram. As many users use this feature to send private messages to their followers. Through any forms like texts, images, and videos. And also disappearing message after reading was also updated later. This was liked by many youngsters. The story was also a prominent feature liked by many. Users can update anything as their story which will be visible to their followers. It will disappear after 24 hours. They can also hide the story from someone. Also, can put stories only to their close friends by filtering close friends. These are the most prominent features that made this app stand out from other applications.

Why is Instagram dying?

                    Is Instagram dying? The answer to this question is sad yes, but not for all Instagram users. It is dying but not for everyone. This is because lots of people are facing issues with their accounts in recent times. As followers face issues like a sudden drop of followers, an account gets locked for a few days, and so on. These issues are seen nowadays in most users. Instagram is not working for its followers but for the shareholders who invested in them. So, it always works for their profit. That is for the profit of their application through advertisements.

And through the users who grab more attention through their content. People should know how to gain more followers on Instagram. It’s always about the content that you create. If you know how to create content that attracts more people then you are on the safer side. As Instagram never brings any issues to the ones who grab more attention from people. Instagram dying not because of the reasons that we are listing. But for the reasons that the application itself is working.


                Thus, the reason behind the big question Is Instagram dying?