How xNARA Nailed Pay-For-Performance Marketing

Under the strategic leadership of Managing Director Steve Tan, who oversees and manages the influencer marketing activities, the brand has not only solidified its presence but has also redefined the dynamics of influencer collaborations, centered around mutual benefit and accountability.

Central to xNARA’s program is its unique pay-for-performance model, which ensures that influencers are compensated based on their content’s performance. This commitment is explicitly outlined in detailed agreements and contracts, fostering transparency and setting clear expectations for both parties involved. Influencers are aware that their compensation is directly tied to the effectiveness of their content, creating a symbiotic relationship where success is shared.

Steve Tan sheds light on this innovative approach, stating, “Our pay-for-performance model is a game-changer in influencer marketing. It aligns incentives, ensuring that both xNARA and our influencers are invested in the success of each campaign. This not only democratizes marketing but also elevates accountability, creating a sustainable foundation for long-term partnerships, as opposed to short-term, one-sided engagements.”

This strategic alignment of interests has propelled xNARA’s influencer collaborations beyond mere endorsements. Influencers become true partners, actively engaged in the success of the campaigns they participate in. The clarity provided by the pay-for-performance structure ensures that both parties understand the importance of delivering content that resonates with the audience and drives tangible results.

In a recent survey involving 500 influencers, the sentiment towards xNARA’s pay-for-performance model was resoundingly positive. Influencers expressed satisfaction with the fairness of the compensation system, acknowledging that it motivates them to create high-quality, engaging content that genuinely connects with their audience. Influencers, such as Mahira Abdelaziz, who has 3 million followers on Instagram, and Safa Siddiqui, with over 700k followers, went a step further by calling xNARA a ‘great’ and ‘trustworthy’ who they are ‘proud to be working with’. Even celebrities like Maheep Kapoor, with 827K followers, call xNARA a ‘game changer’ and helped her achieve her ‘health goals’.

This approach not only fosters creativity but also ensures that marketing efforts are authentic and impactful. Whilst a small percentage of influencers have stated that performance remains ambiguous, and therefore a lack of understanding has caused dissatisfaction with the program.

The democratization of marketing through xNARA’s pay-for-performance model has wider implications for the industry. By shifting away from traditional payment structures, the brand has empowered influencers of varying sizes, allowing them to participate in campaigns based on merit rather than just follower count. This inclusivity has led to a diverse pool of influencers collaborating with xNARA, bringing unique perspectives and audiences to the brand.