How to create email newsletter that people actually want to read?

Did you experienced that once people start visiting your website the other day or few days later the same people never visit the site?.75% of people checking your site today will never find it again. It’s not your mistake, the internet is a huge and there are lot of content out there. When we start writing a newsletter, we can convert those visitors into Subscribers and once they join your newsletter you can bring them anytime at your site. Above all without newsletter you are losing your pool of contacts. Thoughts may arise that “why not social media for connecting with our customers? Will not that be sufficient way of reaching them?

It will make you reach them and building a social media relation will be a good choice for the reach but you don’t own those platforms. These giant’s platform like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter limit your audience. People check their social post less compare to email newsletter every day and they always have turned their notification on in their personal assistant devices.

So, start building a newsletter from day 1 because the late you start the more potential customer you are losing. By now you would have understood how important is writing newsletters through email. let’s see the ways you can create a better email newsletter which makes the subscriber more authentic and readable!!!

Impact of subject line is the key

We Always talk about design, content and other things but before that we must discuss about subject is the first thing a reader reads before he opens the email.

Subject line is the soul for your content inside the email. We always give our 80% to the body of the email and 20% to the subject line. why?

Always give your priority and importance to the subject line than content and design. The best way is to make sticky notes and few prior subject catchy tags for your email.

Do lot of research and customer strategy before writing and sending an email. 

  • Case studies
  • Success stories
  • Advice from an industry expert
  • FAQs
  • Blog highlights
  • Surveys
  • PR pieces or spotlight features
  • Upcoming events
  • Seasonal advice
  • Growth and other stats
  • Resources or instructions
  • Lists
  • Note from the CEO, President or Owner or interview with industry people
  • Reviews

As we have seen this let’s move on to the main content and designing part.

Original and powerful content is the key:

email newsletter

You may think,it is obvious but providing proper information with crisp and direct to point is the biggest factor and initial point in writing a newsletter. Do decide your content and points in before hand and set a time and plan for sending the email.

Using of formal words is very important especially using of shorthand words should be avoided. Make a proper start before you go for the content. Make it presentable that once the viewer opens the email, he finds interesting and more insight about your company.

The first mantra of making your newsletter more readable.

Newsletter must be presentable.

The very important part of newsletter is how effectively you have designed the newsletter, make sure it is readable in every format and in every device. while writing the newsletter catchy slogans, relatable pictures, emoji makes it more attractable and presentable. There are various ways by which you can make it readable but while making this keep in mind that you do little research in your field and do check with samples before sending to the customer

Hot tip: more pictures of product with cool caption will increase your company market value.

Market your newsletter

A newsletter is generally for the customer Awareness but to make it more effective and popularize sometimes marketing about the newsletter becomes Important. When Marketing comes to mind, we must keep in mind that we circulate through our Social media handles as it creates impact in human brain and they easily find connected to the newsletter and brand once it is released.

 According to “New York publishers” they have mentioned that marketing your newsletter increases 20% of brand value.

Consistency is always your charm.

The one whose commitment and consistency for the work defines his and company value. Newsletter are categorized into various level such as weekly magazine, monthly magazine and festive magazine. we must be consistent on sending the newsletter which makes customer more loyal and real towards brand.


Be a helpful resource to your audience by creating a newsletter with 90% educational content and only 10% promotional content. 

Our basic motto behind this letter is promotion but we must write in such a way that when customer reads that letter he feels that 5 min a satisfaction of learning or getting some new values from the post of that letter.

Write your newsletter in font such as Open Sans, Verdana, Roboto, Helvetica, Georgia, Lato, Futura as these fonts gives good impression in email.

  • Using lots of white space makes it more presentable.
  • Usage of light shades and hues which focus the eye on the actual content and copy.
  • Avoid picture such as Stock images which takes your uniqueness.

Finally, we are at the end, I wish that these small tips would be very useful while writing the email newsletter.There is certain point which has been discussed for which you have to keep extra care while writing.

Email newsletter can be the game changer step for your company if it is done with proper research and study, because when it comes to market there are lot of field and opportunities and keeping an eye on all will make you out of the box.

Wishing you a great success in whichever field you are and I wish these tips helps you and your company in shaping and developing it in the market and throughout the globe with numerous subscribers and huge market. Do keep in mind while writing newsletter all the above-mentioned points.

Happy writing!!!!!!!