How to create a compelling lead generation page?

One of the best ways to get customers early in the buying journey is via creating a lead generation page on your website. A lead generation page is the beginning of a conversation with potential customers. This where the customers can get in touch with the organization and provide initial details such as email, contact numbers and if necessary, information regarding any requirements.

In return, you can provide the customer with relevant insights on what features and services can the company offers.

Creating a compelling lead generation page is crucial to attracting traffic. According to research, close to 90% of B2B buyers carry out online research before making a purchase decision. Your goal is to direct the potential buyer to a page which conveys a bird’s eye view of the services that can be provided.

There are some key features that need to visible to the customer if he has to decide whether to do business with you. Here are some key points to keep in mind while creating a lead generation page.

1. The Headline 

Every lead generation page must have an eye-catchy headline.

Every article, essay, opinion piece, and story have titles or headlines. Headlines become essential in giving the reader a quick idea of what the rest of the content on the page will be about. For this purpose, the headline has to be crisp and direct.

Just by looking at the headline, the reader should know about the benefits of the services offered by the organization. Keep in mind that you have to exclusively talk about what the customer gains by doing business with you.

2. Header/ Banner

Another important feature that can be used is a header or a banner that sits right on the top of the page. This captures the reader’s attention as soon as one opens the page. The header or the banner can be an attractive image with minimal text on it.

If it is a product with attractive packaging, you can place the product or samples of the product in the banner.

It is crucial to note that there should be no navigational aspect to the banner, i.e., there should be no tab which takes the reader to some other page. You have to keep the reader on the page so that he can go through the feature of the service that is mentioned in the copy.

3. Copy

Visitors would often look at the banner, read the headline, and if they are interested, they would move on to the copy. By this point, the reader has some idea to what you have to offer.

That is why, make sure the copy is short, briefly describing what the products are, key features in bullet points, and how the customer can make use of the products and features.

Keep in mind that you have to include spaces, bullet points, and paragraphs while presenting the information so that the copy doesn’t tire the reader.

The copy should always end with a ‘Call-To-Action’ phrase such as ‘To place an order’ or ‘To know more’ ‘Let us know what you need’ etc. This is to ensure that the potential customer does not leave the page without connecting with you.

4. Information/Query Box

After the copy comes the query box, which will include the important contact details of the visitor. This includes Full Name, Email Id and Contact Number. You can also include a message box, in case the visitors have some questions that need to be answered. 

5. ‘Our Clients’

This section can involve an image of the clientele in the form of logos or, if possible, client testimonials. This is a crucial part of the lead generation page as this assures the new visitor and potential customer of the organization’s experience and expertise in the related field.

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