History and Evolution of Facebook

History and Evolution of Facebook

          History and Evolution of Facebook, “Facebook, to new faces”, this phrase will be perfect for Facebook as it connects new peoples around the world in a single app. Many of us may have the questions raising in them, Who founded Facebook? When was it created? And how does it reach people then? Facebook is a social networking application that helps people to connect socially with new people all over the world. This sounds usual now but then in 2003, it was a big thing to create applications like this. Yeah, this was founded in 2003. The main root cause for this application is “LOVE”, this sounds strange, right? But it’s true and it all started with the application “FACEMASH”, which was created in 2003 at Harvard University, Massachusetts. It was created as an online service for students who studied there to judge the attractiveness of the people over there. It was shut down after two days as the founder violated the university policy in acquiring resources. It reached over 450 people and it was voted by people twenty-two thousand times. This success made the founder to prompted to create the social network named “FACEBOOK”. In January 2004, the founder of Facebook on seeing the success of “FACEMASH”, registers the URL http://www.thefacebook.com.

           “Mark Zuckerberg” was the one who founded “FACEMASH” and he was the man behind the history and evolution of “FACEBOOK”. No one believes if it is said that one of the famous applications “Facebook” was created in a dormitory room. But, it’s true that “Facebook” was created in student dorms of Harvard University by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends named Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. Thefacebook.com social network application was launched in February 2004. Students of Harvard University who signed up for the service can post their photographs, and information about their personal lives, and they can also share their class schedules and the clubs they belonged to. It went popular and students from other famous schools like Stanford and Yale were also joined. More than 2,50,000 students from 34 schools had signed up and major corporations like Mastercard started paying Facebook for exposure. By the end of 2004, Facebook had reached 1 million users. Students outside the universities of the United States were also allowed to join in the year 2005. At the end of the year 2005, it reached its six million monthly active users.

             By the year 2006, it opened its platform to all people anyone over the age of 13 and that helps to bring Facebook into history and evolution. In 2006, the company faced a serious issue on privacy which remains an ongoing platform. Because of the privacy issues, Facebook went to the bottom five percent of companies in the survey of consumers taken in the year 2010. After that, Facebook implemented a few privacy controls in which users can control their content. A short-lived service called Beacon was launched on the year of 2007, which let users’ friends see what products had been purchased by them from participating companies. It was not up to the level and it failed as users think that it encroached on their privacy. Facebook was the first social network application used for marketing and advertising. This kind of direct consumer engagement on such a large scale had never been possible before Facebook. It paves the way for marketing and advertising on social networks and after that many companies started using the social network for marketing and advertising. Zuckerberg predicted that advertisers were able to create new and effective customers. And that was a good prediction and it worked. By the year 2008, Facebook has become the most visited social media website by exceeding Myspace.

Since the U.S. presidential election of 2008, Facebook has become the most powerful tool for political movements. On behalf of Democratic candidate, Barack Obama and Republican candidate John McCain more than 1,000 groups were formed by people to support their favorite. Many activists and protestants started forming groups on Facebook, to keep themselves organized. As per the 2021 report, Facebook has nearly three billion users and about half of them are using Facebook every day. Facebook has changed its parent company to Meta Platforms in October 2021 and is maintained to be the leading online Social-network from 2003 to now. Even though it faced lots of struggles it overcome all the struggles with fire to mark its place.