Flipkart’s Marketing Strategy

The following are the promotional channels that Flipkart uses as a part of its marketing strategy:

  • Social Media Marketing- Flipkart can’t ignore powerful tools like social media. Apart from sponsored pages, Flipkart has a large following and heavily emphasizes social media. Flipkart has about 9.7 million Facebook fans, 2.9 million Instagram followers, 2.7 million Twitter followers, and so on as of March 2022.
    Flipkart offers several different handles for different products or categories, such as fashion, tech, books, furniture, and now groceries. It uses social media as a valued customer system, feedback, queries, and reviews. Problem-solving skill with immediate response through social media enjoys trust. It uses emotional stories in social media.
  • Affiliate Marketing Tactics- Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based advertising in which a person receives a share of profit for promoting a product or service or for recommending Flipkart’s items. Flipkart delegated the task of advertising its items to associates, who are paid a portion of the profit on selling the items. Affiliate program members market the products directly or indirectly through their blogs, videos, or other means. Flipkart offers 5 to 15% commission as per their cash cow products.
  • Innovative Marketing Campaign- Marketing campaigns with various taglines also beefed up sales. Flipkart uses campaigns like “Itne May Itnaaaa Milegaa”, “Budget Se Mukt”, “Gen E, Let’s Raise a Generation of Equals”, and “India ka Fashion Capital”, and “Munna Bhai and Circuit”. It has always involved emotional, joyful, or vivid messages to cover all the sections of society.
  • Productive and Eye-Catching Advertisements- Advertisement is a psychological game. But here also, the billion-dollar Flipkart made a balance between celebrity endorsement or using a new face to build up a down-to-earth image. So that the average person or non-user can become used to their system, apart from this, it modifies adv as per culture, festivals, and flavors of diversified India. It also observed special days like independence day, woman’s day, or children’s day with lucrative prices cut off for that segment of customers.
  • Personal Touch and Commoner’s Brand Image- Since its inception, Flipkart ensured surprise delivery by founders, making gift packs for particular customers on special days. Indians are insane about the personal touch, gifts, wishes, etc. So, the company focuses on personal approaches. India is obsessed with Bollywood, and Flipkart is taking advantage of this to raise awareness about its image and promote its platform and products.
    But now the company wants to get into a ‘commoner’ image to lure the OTT addicted, ‘Game of  Thrones’ lovers; the rational next-gen. Bollywood hardly makes sense to them. So, strategists uniquely use unknown faces.
  • Google Ads Boosting Sales- Customers nowadays search for things on Google, and if you’re not among the top results, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. As a result, Google Ads are beyond question. Flipkart advertises, mostly on search and shop promotions, carefully considering and focusing on the proper keyword combination. Google Ads is a way for e-commerce platforms to draw consideration towards their foundation by appearing on a list of products at various phases.SEO copyright strategy helps get top search engine rank.