Easy hacks to increase Email subscribers

Email subscribers list is the most important thing which every digital marketer needs to increase daily. The more subscribers you have, the more traffic you get to your blog. A research says that around 14% of the traffic to your blog comes from your email subscribers. Building the email list has to be the priority of every business since day 1. Increasing the email lists can have a very powerful, and drastic change in your business. Why will people sign up to you, when they don’t have a great deal? It’s a human tendency, we do things only when it benefits us, one or the other way. So, you should make sure to benefit people than benefitting yourself. Most people do not buy product as soon as they hit your homepage. So, you need to win them. How will you make that happen? How will you earn new subscribers daily? How can you drive more traffic to your blogs? Just read this blog and find the perfect tool to the questions given above.

Hacks to get email subscribers easily:

Give more Incentives:

A research says that around 70 percent of people sign up to the email newsletter to receive offers and sales. People will not mind signing up to the newsletter if they are benefitted. Try to bribe them in such a way that it does not turn out loss for you too.

For Instance:

  • Sign up to our Branded newsletter and get discount coupons for any items you buy.
  • Sign up and get amazing freebies for the items you buy above Rs.3000

Get creative about the items which you can actually give it your consumers to get the newsletter signed up.

Add a newsletter sign up option to the comment box:

You would have come across a lot of websites where you need to enter your e-mail address to comment (which is done mainly to prevent spam). Why not add a “signup for our newsletter” checkbox alongside it? It is a great opportunity to subscriber checkbox along with comment section, as people will not think much and subscribe. So it’s a win-win!

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is considered to be the best method to increase email subscribers. If you know the real value of one subscriber then, affiliate marketing would not make you thinking. You’ll pay an affiliate a particular amount of money, if they get someone to sign up to your newsletter. You should make sure you are not paying affiliate more than the value of new subscriber. In order to get this correct, you should have thorough knowledge in the cost per lead and the value of a new lead to your business. Consider using this tactic if you’re in need of new subscribers.

Offer a Multi-part email educational course:

This is one of the most often worked tactic to get new email subscribers. This is bribing your customer in an educational way. This actually works with the people. In fact, people will get impressed by this and refer your brand to their friends and family about it.

For instance: “Learn the basics of Google analytics in just 3 days”. You can send the lessons in every consecutive day. This tactic requires little effort, but it is completely budget friendly.

Remind subscriber about the benefits only:

It is a simple rule in marketing that, “You should always show the customers are benefitted here, not you”. Never list out the benefits which you’ll be getting after they subscribe or get your product. List out the things which they will get if they subscribe your newsletter. It should be like they will not be benefitted anywhere else, and you are doing so, because you are concerned about them.

For instance:

  • It’s the free marketing tactics for small business owners, and get it as soon as you subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Get exclusive tips about fashion directly from the fashion designers. Avail this exclusive offer by signing up to our newsletter.

Add sign up options to your social media accounts:

It is the most easiest way to get email subscribers by just adding your sign up option to your social media accounts. People tend to be active in social media a lot. So, if they are following your account and see the sign up option with the incentives mentioned, they are most likely to sign up. Even if they don’t follow your account and your content shows up from somewhere, and they like it. There is a higher probability of getting more subscribers to your list.

Try Giving instant Offers to First time subscribers:

Consider giving offers to the first-time subscribers on the products and services. You can fix a percentage of discount and give them discount vouchers, and mention it in the website. Only then they will consider signing up to the newsletter, because it clearly shows their benefits in this, as a marketer we need them to see their benefit, and even we will be benefitted.

For instance:

  • Sign up and get 15% of discount on any product you choose first.
  • Fashion and styling tips from the experts.
  • Exclusive offers only for the subscribers.

Host Webinars:

Email subscribers

Webinar is the best way to show people that they are the best knowledgeable person in the market, and the people will trust you since your brand will be recognized as knowledge powerhouse. You can pull out some common interesting topics, which can gather a lot of attention. After seeing your reputation, who will dare not to sign up from your newsletter?

You can choose an interesting blog and show only some points, and keep the rest as suspense, and ask them to sign up for their newsletter to read more like this. This shows like giving a trailer and ask the audience to buy the movie ticket and watch the full movie. In this case, make sure that the trailer is interesting enough to grab the attention, and tempt people to watch fully.

The tactics mentioned above are the must to try, and moreover it is free of cost. Why not try it and make all your efforts worthy? We are sure this will help you in one or other way.