ChatGPT has a new head of product. Who is Peter Deng?

Peter started his career in 2006 at Google. It was a wild time to be at Google. They had IPOd in 2004. Then acquired YouTube in 2006. And acquired DoubleClick in 2007. It was a great learning environment.

Then Peter joined Facebook in 2007. It was another great learning environment, and he worked on everything: Chat, Events, Groups, News Feed…

In 2013, Deng became Head of Product at Instagram. He joined the team when it was still small, a mere 50 people. And he grew Instagram to hundreds of millions of users.

After 2 years leading Instagram, Peter moved over to head product at Oculus. He was Zuck’s ‘guy’ for leading product at new acquisitions.

After a 10 year career at Facebook, in 2017 Peter moved to Uber where he was Head of Rider. There he led all consumer product efforts. And helped the company IPO.

After Uber, most recently, Peter was Chief Product Officer at Airtable. He helped the company raise funding at a $10B valuation. And then left after two years.

Finally today, Peter announced he’s joining OpenAI as Head of Product. Given his history, we can expect OpenAI’s roadmap for ChatGPT to be more ambitious than ever.